Previously on 25 April 2024

A New History of Being Human With Environmental Expert Melanie Challenger Sunbeam Theatre

Doors open at 6:00pm, with the talk beginning at 7:00pm

£35 Seated Ticket | Patrons Free Admission, limited availability 

Drinks and light nibbles available


Humans have a long philosophical history of divorcing our minds from our bodies and, by extension, from the rest of the animal kingdom.

But how distinct are we really? And what might we be sacrificing in setting ourselves apart? Why are people so keen to transcend their bodies to merge with technology? What physical and emotional pleasures might be lost in the process? And if the twin revolutions of bioengineering and biotechnology continue unchecked, will we miss out on the loveliness of being human?

As we stand on the brink of profound scientific advances – which some argue have the potential to lift us into a new phase of happiness and wellbeing, and others maintain will cause the loss of something vital at the core of our humanity – we can’t think of a better time to debate how best to navigate these uncharted waters.

Come and hear bioethicist, environmental historian and natural philosopher Melanie Challenger share her deeply researched and thought-provoking views, in a talk that is of relevance to us all.

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