Become a Patron

“Our stage for the Arts”

The beating heart of Ladbroke Hall is our Patrons – a creative, curious and community-driven group whose patronage directly supports our cultural programme.

We are not a members club. We are a cultural institution harnessing the creativity, the diversity and the kindness of our Patrons to engender meaningful exchanges and connections. By becoming a Patron you will be supporting these endeavours directly and have access to an unparalleled intersection of creative expression in its many forms.

Ladbroke Hall has been reimagined as the ultimate playground; a feast for the curious with a treat in store behind every door. Friday night Jazz, poetry readings, dance, theatre, panel discussions, live gigs and screenings to name a few, with more unveiled each month. Italian Chef, Emanuele Pollini’s seasonal dishes are to be enjoyed in the main Restaurant, the Secret Garden or the Sunbeam Theatre.

And of course, any evening can be finished off in Michele Lamy’s speakeasy: Lamyland, where cocktails and impromptu DJs will ensure you don’t go to bed quite yet.


You fit, you share our values.
Join our gang and become a Patron. 


Benefactors are generous contributors who believe in the vision and the ethos of Ladbroke Hall. 100% of Benefactor contributions will be allocated on a non-profit basis towards our cultural programme and local community initiatives.

To thank you for being such a crucial component of our community you will receive a host of individually tailored experiences and benefits.

Please contact Aurore Ankarcrona Hennessey, Head of Patrons.

Corporate Benefactors & Partnerships

Corporate partners are an integral part of Ladbroke Hall’s commitment to presenting a strong cultural programme.

Ladbroke Hall Partners benefit from bespoke benefits, curated to best fit the partner’s interests and objectives. Partnerships offer extraordinary event experiences, exclusive and collaborative content, valuable brand visibility and more.

All benefits are curated dependent on commitment and the partner’s business needs.

Please contact Aurore Ankarcrona Hennessey, Head of Patrons.