The historic building has been reimagined by Loïc Le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail as a meeting place for innovation. Ladbroke Hall is the beating heart of a living community, an ecosystem, born of shared values: a passion for the arts and the natural environment. It is here to treasure creativity in our visitors, friends and patrons and strive to achieve the eclectic artistic expressions we embrace through art and design, music, theatre, dance, food and learning. Ladbroke Hall endeavours to join in building a fairer planet, showing care and resilience in the face of immense challenges.

“Art is a bridge. We are setting the stage for artists and creatives to come together in excellence.”

– Julien Lombrail, Co-Founder Ladbroke Hall

“I want everyone who walks through our doors to learn something; to share something. It is this collective energy that makes the Ladbroke Hall community so powerful; a creative energy that knows no bounds”

– Loic Le Gaillard, Co-Founder Ladbroke Hall