Previously on 20 September 2023

INVINCIBLE ÉTÉ Sunbeam Theatre

Doors open at 6:00pm, screening begins at 7:30pm

Light bites to order before 7:00pm

Table Seating

105 minutes

£8 General Admission

Free Admission for Patrons


Invincible Été (Invincible Summer) is an engaging documentary on disability and illness, following the life of Olivier Goy, diagnosed of an incurable illness in December 2020 with three years left to live. A film realised by Stéphanie Pillonca, starring Olivier Goy. Version VF with English Subtitles.

Director Stéphanie Pillonca

With Olivier Goy

Produced by Païva Films, Troisième OEil Productions/Mediawan & Monte Rosa Participations

Distribution Apollo Films & CGR Events, 2022. 105 minutes

Rating Rated G