Previously on 25 June 2024

Understand Climate Change Collaborative Workshop with Climate Fresk Maison Prouvé Pavilion

Workshop starts at 2:00pm, and will end at 5:00pm

Refreshments available

Free Patron Admission, limited availability

We are excited to host our first “Climate Fresk”, a collaborative workshop, completed by 1.7 million participants worldwide, that will help you to understand the essentials of climate issues to take action.

The workshop brings together participants and appeals to the creativity and collective intelligence of the group to reconstruct the causal links that make up the Fresk. A facilitator guides the participants through the workshop, to ensure good communication between the members and to provide additional explanations. 

The workshop allows novices and experts to discover or deepen their knowledge of this subject. It’s scientific, accessible, serious but fun. The facts are sourced from the most respected scientific publications: the IPCC reports.  

Discover Climate Fresk: Website