Tuesday 07 November - 6:30pm

UN Women UK – The Art of Empowerment Sunbeam Theatre

In conversation with Michaela Yearwood-Dan and Maria Baibakova

Presenting “You May Blame Aphrodite But I Can Only Blame You”

This event will begin at 6:30pm and finish at 8:30pm

Free admission for Patrons – please register

The fifth edition of The Art of Empowerment will be launched on Tuesday, 7 November at an invitation-only event featuring a conversation between Michaela Yearwood-Dan and Maria Baibakova at Ladbroke Hall, London’s new cultural arts space acting as a springboard for emerging talents in the arts. Yearwood-Dan’s “You May Blame Aphrodite But I Can Only Blame You” will be on view at Ladbroke Hall for the general public from 10:00 to 18:00 on 8th and 9th November, and from 10:00 to 16:00 on 10th November. The edition will then be available for purchase by the public from 11:00 on 8th November on the website of UN Women UK. 

‘You May Blame Aphrodite But I Can Only Blame You’ (2023) is Yearwood-Dan’s first foray into textile works. The artist, who is known for her lush, brightly-hued paintings and ceramics, draws on a diverse range of influences throughout her practice, including Blackness, queerness, femininity, healing rituals, and carnival culture.

Moving freely between media, Yearwood-Dan embeds botanical motifs and diaristic meditations within brushy abstract forms and heavy drips of paint. At once personal and political, Yearwood-Dan’s practice frequently reflects an inviting domesticity. Resisting any singular definition of identity, she explores the possibilities of creating spaces—physical, pastoral, metaphorical—that allow for unlimited and unbounded ways of being.

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Michaela Yearwood-Dan

“You May Blame Aphrodite But I Can Only Blame You” 


Appliqué and embroidery on velvet

140 x 184 cm (55 x 72.5 inches)

Edition of 30, plus 2 Artist Proofs

Signed and numbered by the artist on reverse

7,500 GBP