Previously on 8 February 2024

Michèle Lamy & Loree Rodkin Exhibition Opening Drinks Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Cocktail Reception, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Free admission for Patrons

Ladbroke Hall and Carpenters Workshop Gallery invite our Patrons to the opening of Michèle Lamy & Loree Rodkin’s: HUNROD GOLD with Rick Owens Furniture. Join us for a cocktail reception in the gallery from 6:00 pm.


Carpenters Workshop Jewellery presents HUNROD GOLD, a collaboration between the renowned Michèle Lamy and acclaimed jewellery designer Loree Rodkin, available exclusively through Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Both influential figures in contemporary jewellery design, Lamy and Rodkin have masterfully crafted this collection of rings as an interpretation of the Chinese Zodiac – a rich tradition laden with symbolism.

HUNROD GOLD features seven zodiac rings, where bands of yellow and white gold are adorned with diamond creatures representing the Dragon, Monkey, Snake, Ox, Pig, Rat and Rabbit. Each serve as a powerful talisman, embodying the unique traits and character of its associated animal. As a continuation of their first collaboration, HunRod – known for its bold and exaggerated wearable designs – Lamy and Rodkin challenge stereotypes by creating what they coin as “finger armour”, redefining the conventional perception of delicate feminine jewellery.

The Snake Ring, adorned with a single pear-shaped diamond, embodies the wit and humour associated with this intellectually driven creature. Energy and vibrancy radiates from the Monkey Ring, embellished with 61 white diamonds, reflecting the exuberance of those born in the Year of the Monkey. Finally, the Rabbit Ring, adorned with 105 white diamonds and one brown diamond, symbolises intelligence, responsibility and loyalty.

The jewellery is complemented by the Rick Owens’ design pieces, an expression of his signature style of glamour with a provocative edge. The Plug Table Black Plywood (2011) channels Owens’ minimal aesthetic with its geometric shapes, clean lines and monochrome palette. Hustool Gold (2022), formulated from bronze patinated in polished gold, pays homage to Michèle Lamy with the title affectionately referring to her nickname ‘Hun.’ Other works on display include Large Plate (2016), constructed from bronze with an elegant and simplistic form; Bowl, which features a round shape, small triangle detail and polished surface; and the Candle Pillar (2007), a brutalist column that would make the ideal accompaniment to the dining table experience.

Since launching their first collection in 2015 from Rodkin’s atelier in LA, the pair have yielded beguiling creations under the alias HunRod – a portmanteau of their names, Lamy, known as ‘Hun’, and Rodkin. With an ethos that views jewellery as an accessory that becomes an integral part of the wearer, the HunRod GOLD collection not only showcases the craftsmanship and artistry of Lamy and Rodkin but also embodies the transformative power of storytelling, making each piece a wearable and meaningful work of art.