Previously on 5 March 2024

Love Infinity Film Screening and Performances Sunbeam Theatre

Doors open at 7:00pm, with live music

Panel discussion and screenings from 8:00pm

Free admission for Patrons, register above

Directed by Oscar-winning art director and costume designer Tim Yip, Love Infinity is a bold cinematic film project that joins together an inspiring cast with unparalleled access to some of the most iconic and diverse living artists and creatives of our time, across visual arts, fashion, music and the creative industries. It brings to the foreground societal themes of identity, diversity and freedom, and sees Yip turn his camera lens towards the city at a period of economic uncertainty, political division, and environmental crisis, to create raw intimate footage of untold narratives.

Filmed over the course of several years, technically Love Infinity departs from conventional narrative frameworks, seeking to develop a more open-ended approach and emphasising direct contact between film maker and subject. In March 2022, the Love Infinity diptych- Memorandum For The Next Golden Age (semi-documentary) and When The Sun Goes Quiet (semi-fiction), was globally released on Mubi and premiered at the National Gallery, London.

Love Infinity is an intricate map of interlinking stories. It is a journey without boundaries, an evolutionary art form and the first art film of its genre, with the ambition to put its lens into Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, New York and many more cities in the world.

Screening Film 1: Trailer for Love Infinity – Half Human Half Ghost 

“Love Infinity – Half Human, Half Ghost” pulls the lens further back, taking in the whole of London, with a focus on the position of Soho, the King’s Road, Notting Hill and Brixton on British cultural life. The film follows a fictional character, Daniel Lismore, as he creates his way out of Nowhere Land after his creator is murdered. We’re plunged into an odyssey through the metaverse with an AI: Robot Lili.

Screening Film 2: Love Infinity – Perfectionism