Tuesday 28 May - 7:00pm

The Revolutionary Potential of Psychedelics and Art An evening with Prof. David Nutt & Dr. David Erritzoe Sunbeam Theatre

Doors open at 6:00pm, with talks beginning at 7:00pm

Event ends at 8:30pm

Free for Patrons, please register | £20 Patron Guest Admission

The FOUNDATION for VISIONARY SCIENCE and ART is delighted to welcome you to this very special event with two of the world’s leading experts in the field of psychedelic science, exploring the world-changing possibilities that lie at the fascinating intersection of psychedelic research and art.

“When harnessed properly, psychedelics have the power to unlock human consciousness, treat patients most at need, ignite creativity and open the doors to a more compassionate and connected world. The transformative impact on humanity is immeasurable” – Professor David Nutt

“We have the expertise needed to transform the way we treat mental health care and permanently shift the dial on the political, medical and public opinion on the therapeutic use of psychedelics” – Dr David Erritzoe

This Foundation is specifically created to work with artists and philanthropists support the revolutionary work of Prof David Nutt and Dr David Erritzoe at Imperial, leaders in the research of psychedelic therapy science.