Previously on 26 June 2024

Amazonia – The Heart of Mother Earth Private Preview Screening Sunbeam Theatre

The event will start at 7:00pm, and end at 9:00pm

Free Patron Admission, limited availability


Join us for the screening of “Amazonia – The Heart of Mother Earth”, a film by Gert-Peter Bruch & Esmeralda of Belgium. The preview will be followed by a discussion with the directors and with Mindahi Bastida, Jojo Mehta and Alessandra Sampaio.

The film tells from a human point of view the unfinished story of the recognition and protection of indigenous territories in the Brazilian Amazon, a story whose countdown began more than sixty years ago, with the creation of the National Park of Xingu. This documentary receives the exceptional testimonies of five indigenous leaders from four different generations, including legendary chief Raoni Metuktire of the Kayapo people, with which the directors and producers have very strong personal ties going back several decades. Major Brazilian and international witnesses also contribute to the film with exclusive interviews, including President Lula, explorer Sydney Possuelo (former president of the National Indian Foundation) and Jojo Mehta  (Co-founder and Executive Director, Stop Ecocide International) reminding us that the safeguarding of the Amazon has been a common story for more than 60 years.