Wednesday 01 November - Thursday 02 November

FRAGMENTS SEGMENTS VESTIGES by Jimmy Lux Fox and Lucca Lutzky The Studio

Patrons Invited to Private Launch Event on November 1st, please RSVP

Free Admission for Public Installation on November 2nd

Installation viewing begins at 10:00am and runs until 6:00pm


Celebrating the artists’ first collaboration, the film installation titled Fragments Segments Vestiges by Jimmy Lux Fox and Lucca Lutzky will be shown in the Studio as part of Ladbroke Hall’s lauded multidisciplinary arts programme. With a runtime of 27 minutes and captured on 16mm film the work is divided into 10 acts each responding to a prose poem. Fragments Segments Vestiges deals with absences: the absence of spoken words, conventional ways of connecting stories, of main characters, of inciting incidents. The writing and the films become part of a narrative led by the strange force of mundane situations. They form a collection of lost relationships which come together to tell a story.

Featuring David Morrissey, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Sonny Hall, Devon Ross, Rupert Everett, and Susie Cave

Original Score by Thurston Moore

Produced by Jimmy Lux Fox and Lucca Lutzky

Single channel colour projection with sound 16mm film

27 minutes Edition 4 + 2AP’s available for purchase

Jimmy Lux Fox: Instagram

Lucca Lutzky: Website | Instagram