Tuesday 10 October - Saturday 27 January

VINCENZO DE COTIIS Archeology of Consciousness Carpenters Workshop Gallery

World-renowned artist Vincenzo De Cotiis opens a solo exhibition, Archaeology of Consciousness, at Carpenters Workshop Gallery London, Tuesday 10 October.  Exploring the enduring motif of the archway as a portal, the exhibition aims to challenge its historic connotations in order to pave the way for fresh perspectives.  

“Arches symbolise transitions, a concept that extends beyond the mere human and earthly to encompass the ancestral” – De Cotiis 

Through Archaeology of Consciousness, Vincenzo De Cotiis reimages traditional archway structures through deliberate, creative perversions of form and material. Utilising non-traditional materials, including rare stones, recycled fibreglass, and Murano glass, alongside distortions of shape and form, the exhibition questions long-held preconceptions regarding the symbolic significance of archways.