Previously on 9 February 2024

ROGER HERMAN From California With Love Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Featuring the latest works by Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist Roger Herman, this new exhibition explores the multifaceted approach of Herman throughout his artistic practice, and how he seamlessly intertwines ceramics and painting to unveil an assemblage of colour, texture, material, processes and form.

At the core of the exhibition are fifteen large, hand-crafted ceramics, sculpted from wheel-thrown clay. These works transcend traditional ceramic design techniques with their irregular shapes, spontaneous voids and protrusions which are ignited by Herman’s fascination with the transformative power of colour during the glazing process – a theme he’s passionately explored since the late-1990s. Evoking a unique and unpredictable painterly expression that celebrates imperfection, spontaneity and intuition, each piece is marked by an approach that treats the clay as a blank canvas, allowing brush strokes, dashes and lines to build texture and colour in ways not foreseen.