Previously on 20 September 2023

JACQUELINE RABUN A Retrospective Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents a retrospective of the works of the internationally renowned American jeweller Jacqueline Rabun. 

The exhibition showcases more than 250 pieces from Rabun’s collection, accompanied by a visual tapestry of original drawings and photographs carefully curated from the artist’s archive. 

Starting from her debut jewellery collection, Raw Elegance, in 1991, which comprised a series of hand-sculpted organic forms exploring the purity and innate elegance of precious materials, to her Metanoia collection, that launched in 2021 and was designed exclusively for Carpenters Workshop Jewellery, that empathises with our desires to lead more meaningful lives.  

The works are displayed in a fluid and poetic manner, capturing each chapter of Rabun’s career and life, as well as her artistic evolution from an early raw-elegant style to a more refined expression of her art.