Wednesday 11 October - Friday 22 December

GARETH MASON Seeing Things Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery are delighted to present the first UK solo exhibition in over a decade of the work of celebrated British ceramicist Gareth Mason.

Mason’s distinct ceramic works are made from clay and include foreign objects, challenging the porcelain’s immaculate history while changing the course of the medium. For the works in Seeing Things, Mason has embraced clay’s individuality whilst never ignoring the material’s universality. The gallery is delighted to be representing the work of the artist in partnership with Jason Jacques Gallery.

“I make no great claims as a ‘seer’, but ceramics is an arena of extravagant observation for me. Its textures and colours—its sheer transformative ‘phenomena’—had me from the get-go. Long have people venerated aspects of the world that entrance the eye and the senses. We are sensual beings after all” – Gareth Mason