Friday 28 April - Sunday 24 September

ZANINE CALDAS Denuncia Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Free Admission

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In a new presentation of the work of José Zanine Caldas, Carpenters Workshop Gallery brings the essence of Caldas’ oeuvre to London. Through close consultation with the Instituto José Zanine Caldas a unique collection of work comes together in Denuncia, highlighting the historic evolution of the artist’s most iconic piece: the Namoradeira.

Caldas viewed the world holistically, both in his approach to art and design and in his materials and process. Each of his creations is ideologically and formally inserted into a global aesthetic and human project: wood and ceramics are salvaged elements, whether from the natural waste of the forest or the rubble of demolition sites.

The Namoradeira motif is synonymous with Caldas’ artistic process, giving rise to a new language based on the use of natural waste, and a closer alliance of craft and modernism through organic forms.

Never displayed together before, each of the three Namoradeira in the exhibition mark a particular period in the artist’s life; translating the evolution of his practice and denouncing by the use of available materials in each period the catastrophic deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.