Friday 28 April 2023

Carpenters Workshop Jewellery LIZWORKS

LIZWORKS, established in 2014 by Liz Swig, partners with renowned contemporary artists to produce limited-edition pieces that push the boundaries between jewellery and art capturing the essence of the present moment. LIZWORKS melds contemporary vision with the craftsmanship and traditions of jewellery-making, providing artists with a fresh medium to express their ideas and a chance to view their work from a new perspective.

Cindy Sherman’s limited edition Cameo series marries digital imaging with the ancient art of carving, which is applied by a third-generation Italian master carver. She invites us to consider the cameo as the original selfie, representing a meeting point between modern technology and traditional portraiture. Through his exploration of the intimate medium of drawing, Robert Longo highlights the value of slowing down the consumption of images. His Rose & Bullet series brings large scale drawings into wearable jewellery, showcasing Long’s ability to translate his artistry into a new medium.

Rashid Johnson’s Anxious Men series delves into the concept of anxiety and how it can be both negotiated and embodied. By physically representing anxiety through wearable pieces, Johnson encourages introspection and awareness of its impact.

LIZWORKS is exclusively available at Carpenters Workshop Gallery.